People at the Department for Linguistic and Cultural Evolution

Head of Department

Scientific Staff
Senior Scientists
Vanuatu Field Manager
Kristian Roncero Kristian Roncero
Lana Takau Lana Takau
Research Associates
María José Aninao A. María José Aninao A.
Joseph Bulbulia Joseph Bulbulia
Thiago Chacon Thiago Chacon
Eugene Chan 陈西林 | Eugene Chan
Bethwyn Evans Bethwyn Evans
Myles W. Jackson Myles W. Jackson
Matthew Scarborough Matthew Scarborough
Martina Schiestl Martina Schiestl
PhD Students and Stipend Recipients
Visiting Scientists
Alexander Borg Alexander Borg
Ana Kondic Ana Kondic
Lawrence Reid Lawrence Reid
Malcolm Ross Malcolm Ross
Antoinette Schapper Antoinette Schapper
Emi Okayasu Emi Okayasu
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