People at the Department of Archaeogenetics

Head of Department
W2 Research group leader
Personal Assistant to Prof. Dr. Johannes Krause (Parental Leave)
Personal Assistant to Prof. Dr. Johannes Krause
Personal Assistant to Dr. Christina Warinner, Travel Manager

Research Group Leaders

Postdoctoral Researchers

Senior bioinformatician
Sample Management
Dr. Alexander Stößel Dr. Alexander Stößel
PhD Students
Visiting Researchers at MPI-SHH
Evelyn Guevara Evelyn Guevara
Master students
Raffaela Bianco Raffaela Bianco
Associated Researchers
Sholpan Bakhtybekkyzy Sholpan Bakhtybekkyzy
Courtney Hofman Courtney Hofman
Alexander Immel Dr. Alexander Immel
Allison Mann Dr. Allison Mann
Alissa Mittnik Dr. Alissa Mittnik
Alexander Peltzer Alexander Peltzer
Barbara Tessmann Barbara Tessmann
Chuan-Chao Wang Chuan-Chao Wang, Ph.D.
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