Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Petraglia, M. D.; Korisettar, R.; Boivin, N.; Clarkson, C.; Ditchfield, P.; Jones, S.; Koshy, J.; Lahr, M. M.; Oppenheimer, C.; Pyle, D. et al.; Roberts, R.; Schwenninger, J.-L.; Arnold, L.; White, K.: Middle Paleolithic assemblages from the Indian subcontinent before and after the Toba super-eruption. Science 317 (5834), pp. 114 - 116 (2007)
Journal Article
Petraglia, M. D.: Palaeolandscapes and Palaeolithic locales of Southern India: A consideration of hominin Dispersals and Adaptations. Pragdhara, Journal of Uttar Pradesh State Department of Archaeology 17, pp. 27 - 44 (2007)

Book (1)

Petraglia, M. D.; Allchin, B. (Eds.): The Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht (2007)

Book Chapter (3)

Book Chapter
Petraglia, M. D.: Mind the gap: factoring the Arabian Peninsula and the Indian Subcontinent into out of Africa models. In: The human revolution revisited, pp. 383 - 394 (Ed. Mellars, P.). McDonald Institute Archaeological Research, Cambridge, Mass. (2007)
Book Chapter
Petraglia, M. D.; Allchin, B.: Human evolution and culture change in the Indian subcontinent. In: The Evolution and History of Human Populations in South Asia: Inter-disciplinary Studies in Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistics and Genetics, pp. 1 - 20. Springer, Dordrecht (2007)
Book Chapter
Petraglia, M. D.; Knepper, D. A.: Tackling the formation of Prehistoric sites in the Eastern US. In: Formation processes and Indian archaeology, pp. 195 - 208. Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Inst. (2007)
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