Dr. Paul Heggarty

Abt. für Sprach- und Kulturevolution


Publikationen: www.shh-mpg.academia.edu/PaulHeggarty

Wichtige Forschungsprojekte am MPI-SHH:

  • Sound Comparisons: databases and explorer websites for comparing phonetic diversity across language families around the world.  (Description
  • IE-CoR: the first in a new breed of databases for exploring how languages within a family relate to each other in Cognate Relationships in their ‘core’ vocabulary. The CoR framework and online database explorer are tailored to serve both qualitative and quantitative/phylogenetic research purposes. IE-CoR already covers Indo-European, but the model is extendable to any language family. (Description
  • A Cross-Disciplinary Prehistory of South America: Symposium Series and Publications

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