Head of Department

Research Group Leaders

Unit Heads
Head of Radiocarbon Unit
Head of Zooarchaeology Unit
Head of Palaeoproteomic Unit

Scientific Staff
PhD Students
Laboratory Technicians
Jana Zech Jana Zech
Laboratory Manager
(Parental Leave)
(Parental Leave)
Student Assistants
Affiliated Researchers on site
Affiliated Researchers
Research Alumni
Nicholas Blegen Nicholas Blegen
Courtney Culley Courtney Culley
Niklas Hausmann Niklas Hausmann
Florian Ott Florian Ott
Patxi Perez Ramallo Patxi Perez Ramallo
Andrea Picin Andrea Picin
Jincheng Ren Jincheng Ren
Celeste Samec Celeste Samec
Yunpeng Tang
Óscar Ricardo Solís Torres Óscar Ricardo Solís Torres
Jillian Swift Jillian Swift
Katherine Szabo Katherine Szabo
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