Linguistic and genetic diversity of populations form South-west Burkina Faso

Researcher Hiba Babiker (left) with field assistant Edwig Traoré (right) and the chief of Timba village (middle) during sample collection in Timba village.

In this project, we focus on South-west Burkina Faso, which is dominated by the Mande and Gur language groups of the Niger-Congo language family. The project aims to uncover the region’s linguistic diversity and genetic relationships among their speakers using cutting-edge computational linguistic and population genetics tools. This project will highlight the significant importance of interdisciplinary research and its power to 1) understand the co-evolution of genes and languages in western Africa and 2) explore the migration routes and waves of the Mande expansion and 3) resolve the contentious linguistic classifications within the Niger-Congo language family.  

Researcher Hiba Babiker (left) with field assistants Edwig Traoré (middle) and Clement Traoré (right) during sample collection in Bouende village.

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