Linguistic Fieldwork Internship in Vanuatu Program

Meet the interns

Iveth Rodriguez

Since 2011, Iveth has been working on the documentation of Pisamira, a severely endangered Amazonian language belonging to the Eastern Tukanoan subfamily, spoken in the Vaupés Region of Colombia.

Iveth's Masters research (Universidade de Brasília) focused on documenting and describing several aspects of Pisamira grammar, through comparisons with its closely-related languages. Iveth's linguistic interests inlcude typology, historical linguistics, and language change, specifically regarding morphosyntax in language contact situations. Using the field experience gained through the Internship in Vanuatu, Iveth plans to continue her work on Amazonian languages at the PhD level.    

Tom Ennever

Prior to joining the Vanuatu team, Tom's primary research activities were centred around the documentation and description of Australian Aboriginal languages in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. His Masters thesis (University of Queensland) examined topics in the morphology of Ngardi (Pama-Nyungan, Australia) while his Honours thesis (University of Queensland) proposed a new method for automating the extraction of acoustic measures of oral stop consonants and applied it to phonetic stop-variation in Gurindji (Pama-Nyungan, Australia). Tom's research spans phonetics, morphophonology, morphosyntax, typology and sociolinguistics. In all these contexts, he has an enduring interest in interrogating how linguistic variation propagates over time, throughout space and across populations. Tom is now hoping to pursue a PhD focusing on Maewo languages.

Sandrine Bessis

Sandrine is a PhD student at Lattice in Paris, France. She has done field research in Central Vanuatu for the past 5 years and she is currently writing her thesis on Namakura oral histories. Sandrine worked as an Intern on Epi Island as a part of the 2019 field season.

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